About Us

‘Directsus’ is Latin for ‘Simple or Straightforward’. This is essentially what our outlook to Human Resource Management always has been. We believe that the core of HR management is a pretty simply an art & a science of dealing with people to improve their efficiency.

For DirectusHR, the thought that every individual needs to be in an environment which encourages happiness, fairness & chance for continued development. Luckily we are in an esteem company, with some of the greatest men in history having similar views on this matter.

"We Hold These Truths To Be Sacred & Undeniable; That All Men Are Created Equal & Independent, That From That Equal Creation They Derive Rights Inherent & Inalienable, Among Which Are The Preservation Of Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Happiness".

When we ensure that organization deals with their employees in the Right Way, it solves one of the most basic yet always incomplete business equation "People = Performance = Profit".

The Vision of DirectusHR is to make HR stand for "Happy Resources". And with our business driven thoughts, simple to use processes & execution driven focus we hope that our ultimate contribution to our clients is "Happiness Simplified".

With this thought, DirectusHR works closely with SME entrepreneurs and top managements using our B.I.T.S. model to carve out the most fulfilling way in which people will connect, understand & contribute to the larger vision of the organization. For us creating a business oriented, easy to use HR structure for, budding entrepreneurs or SMEs looking for that next big jump, is the most exciting journey we wish to undertake. That’s the only way we can become value creators for the society, all our clients & every single team member there.


DirectusHR works with top management to identify critical strategic initiatives and HR operational Policies & processes to take your team to the next level of success.


Internalization by team is key to achievement of any HR vision. We ensure that managers are regularly involved & equal contributors to creation & become the Co-Owners of HR processes. At the end of the day, its’ People who will carry your People Processes.


Critical HR initiatives require expert handling to ensure success. We ensure that processes created by DirectusHR’s experts, are effectively transferred to & completely internalized by the competent HR team hired specially for you.


DirectusHR helps you to run your HR department by identifying right resources & monitoring key performance Indicators for your HR Department at monthly Intervals, adjusting strategies & processes as needed.