Path of Happiness (methodology)

Aiming for "Simplified" Life

DirectusHR brings in simplified way of running HR Department in your organization by focusing of three key steps.

During our course of working with organizations we handle following aspects of HR as a part of one single package or as a piece-by-piece project, depending on organization readiness & management bandwidth.

  • Understanding of Business

    With regular discussions & constant self studies, DirectusHR team tries to acquire enough of business know-how about your company & industry as whole, that it can make productive contributions in business strategy & help you in charting the right path for future.

    We also end up playing a role of a sounding board to your ideas & try to put our best foot forward in adding some insights based on our experiences.

  • Creating simple Process

    With the strong business understanding, comes the ease of process creations. Since we prepare ourselves with best possible knowledge of your businesses, we keep the HR processes as simple to use as possible. This allows for lower costs & regular upgrades, as & when needed.

    As an entrepreneur, the simpler the processes the lesser time & effort is required from your side in managing the day-to-day mundane operational challenges.

  • Ownership of HR Processes

    The real & worthwhile contribution of any consultancy project is whether or not improvements suggested by external experts were useful in bringing in actual change. This is where DirectusHR prides itself, because we not only handover the “How To..” document to you, but also get down the executing our suggestions in live business environment. For us the project is not complete, till we see our HR processes been completely internalized in day-to-day manner.

    This ensures that there is someone else other than the CEO who takes up the ownership of running the HR processes in the right manner

Reaching for "Happiness"

While DirectusHR works closely with you & your company for simplified HR Functioning & we also ensure that the benefits of these HR initiatives also start trickling down to the entire organization.

  • Stabilizing with high productivity

    The idea of HR innovations is to enable higher productivity for the entire team. But this can be achieved only when HR processes are executed with total diligence & with an eye on final expected results. DirectusHR ensures that HR processes created by us become an integral part of the way you run your business & help you in achieving those high productivity targets you dream of.

  • Reducing Conflicts & Pressures

    A stable process in HR department has an organization wide impact as it removes a lot of uncertainty & irradiates conflicts. The stabilized processes created & driven by DirectusHR play a vital role in educating employees about their responsibilities towards day-to-day policies as well as contribution to ultimate company goals. Many conflict situations are handled without biases or unnecessary show-downs via the set SOPs (Standard Operating Processes).

    With reduction in conflict & internal pressures the entrepreneur can now concentrate on more critical task of growing the business rather than playing referee to internal squabbles.

  • Happiness Nirvana

    Ultimate “Happiness Goal” for DirectusHR is to build an organization where people know their spot in larger scheme of things, have the confidence in fairness & stability of HR processes & feel rewarded for their efforts. We believes ticking all these boxes will convert any organization to "THE PLACE TO WORK" for any professional When we help an entrepreneur in creating Highly Productive, Disciplined, Low-conflict work environment for employees, their managers & ultimately the entrepreneur himself we see that as our real contribution. Because as any entrepreneur will tell you, they started the business to “Change The World” in their own little way and Not for sake of some policy documents & attendance sheets.