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While we believe that Great HR is SIMPLE & STRAIGHTFORWARD (‘Directus’) in thought process, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to achieve as well. Creating HR Structure requires working on multiple fronts to ensure the right mix of HR & business elements are arranged in order which will click for both management & employees.

During our course of working with organizations we handle following aspects of HR as a part of one single package or as a piece-by-piece project, depending on organization readiness & management bandwidth.

  • Strategic HR Setup

    While "Strategic Role of HR" has become one of the most clichéd words in management, not many organizations have experienced it as ground reality. This is precisely why DirectusHR takes a very simple & straightforward approach to this maze of strategic HR.

    For DirectusHR, being strategic partner means getting the best possible understanding of your business in consultation with management & then ensuring that the same understanding is driven to all levels in organization. We believe this assimilation of information can be achieved through role definitions, PMS, Compensation Planning & Rewards. After all, Confidentiality is for competitors, not with the team who is going to help you in achieving your strategic goals.

    Key Activities handled by us under the Strategic HR setup are:

    Organizational Restructuring
    Business Flow & Roles Definitions (Activities – Output)
    Functional & Behavioral Skills Mapping
    Performance Management Process
    Organizational -> Departmental -> Employee Level Target Mapping
    Appraisal Process Creation
    Compensation Structure & Reward Planning
    Creation of PMS SOPs
    Hiring Process Optimization
    Short-term Manpower Planning
    Creation of Assessment tools
    Creation of Recruitment SOPs
    Mapping Inductions & Onboarding Processes
    Organizational & HR Inductions
    Mapping New Joinee Feedback Process
    Onboarding SOPs
    HR Policies & SOPs
    Creation of Policy / SOP documents in line with business requirements
  • HR Outsourcing

    HR Outsourcing is not just about execution of HR processes via third party because it has a direct & visible impact your employee experience & motivation. Thus selection of right HR partner is critical not only from execution point but whether or not the HR agency will be able to align itself with your goals & deliver on HR department’s KRAs in the most efficient manner.

    DirectusHR treats HR outsourcing projects as not a final goal but as a chance to bring in constant innovation & ever evolving people experience for management & employee. We create simple to use & effective HR process and drive them across the organization for best results.

    Aspects of HR we cover under HR Outsourcing are:

    Recruitment of Suitable HR Resource
    Ensuring execution of day-to-day HR activities via HR Resource
    Recruitment (CV Sourcing, Recruitment Communication, Interview Processes, Internal / External Coordination)
    Induction & Onboarding
    Employee Documentation
    HR MIS
    HR Policy adherence
    Attendance Management & Support via Independent Payroll Vendor
    Regular Employee communication & Engagement activities
    Running of Appraisal cycles
    Reporting & Operational Control
    Weekly Reports around Key HR Task via Project Management Tools
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    ‘Great Dream is Worthless Without Great Team’

    Recruitment has been & always will be a key challenge in HR for all companies, big & small. But for an SME entrepreneur, the task is not only to take the right ones in, but also to avoid the wrong ones at all costs.

    DirectusHR understands that recruitment is not only about random job ads & cold calls to candidates. It is about identifying the people with right mindset, skills & flexibility who would come & contribute to creating a company of your dream.

    This is why we prefer working with you as Recruitment Solution Partner rather than taking one-off vacancies randomly. This way, we not only bring in suitable candidates at optimized costs today, but create a path for you to spot & connect with talented individuals even in future.

    The gist of the thing we do for you as recruitment partner is:

    Understanding the Skills & the Personality requirements of your company
    Creating a short term manpower plan (3 – 6 months)
    Mapping of Roles & Skills required as per manpower plan
    Creation of assessment tools
    Creation of right communication tools (Mailers, Ads, Call pitches)
    CV sourcing
    Initiate & Continued communication with candidates
    Coordination for Recruitment process & documentation
    Helping in closure of salary negotiation
  • Performance Management

    'There Is Nothing So Unequal As The Equal Treatment Of Unequals' – Aristotle

    Not enough organizations make the direct correlation between People, Performance and Profit. Our aim at DirectusHR is help organizations understand the path of performance management & walk with them to give confidence to management that team is ready to drive the business on this path to achieve & exceed expectations.

    Communicating expectations
    Setting up mid-course milestones
    Regular reviews without disturbing business flow
    Identifying & Supporting Team members on critical skills
    Communicating & Delivering on rewards which drive performance
  • Organization Structuring

    While most of the companies have a fancy organization chart resting on someone’s screen, the first question we at DirectusHR ask is “Which amongst these roles carry responsibility of delivering company goals?” If an answer isn’t easily available, we can assume that the structure was just product of people’s fancy for designations rather than focus on company goals.

    DirectusHR restructures the organizations by keeping the organizational goal as central point & identifying the right activities & skills needed to successfully complete them. Once done with that, creating roles is simply about clubbing of homogeneous activities & skills to create meaningful roles. As we said HR is pretty SIMPLE.